Basic Training at Merdon Bowmen

If you are thinking of taking up archery you might well be wondering what comes next? Well, in most cases you are required to do a Beginners Course here at Merdon Bowmen.  The minimum age for shooting at Merdon Bowmen is 10 years old.

Alternatively, if you are returning to the sport from a break then we also run refresher courses to ensure that you’re up to speed with the latest rules and regs as well as shooting safely.

Beginners Courses

The beginners’ course at Merdon consists of three two and a half hour sessions, which are conducted on consecutive Saturday mornings, and a final Sunday session to take part in a club shoot.

Apart from the obvious content (shooting the bow), you will be taught all aspects of safety and procedure. Fear not, it is very gentle and the rate of progress is dependent on your individual ability and of course your physical profile. Don’t be deterred by any fears that your age or strength may be a bar to success, technique is more important than pure muscle and we’ll teach all you need to know to get started.

The club provides all equipment for training courses, the coaches will select bows and arrows that are suitable for your height and strength.

Refresher Courses

For archers returning to the sport after an absence we offer shorter 2 session courses to ensure that you’re on the right track.

Archery at Merdon Bowmen is conducted entirely to suit your individual requirements from the sport, ranging from indulgence in the delights of tournaments to a casual visit to the range for a quiet hour of gentle practice and a chat with your friends.

Ready to commit to taking up archery?  Take a look at our calendar page to find out the dates of the next courses and reserve your place.  Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below if you’re interested in beginners training and the club Training Officer will get back to you.



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